Our Process

True, we have been building amazing homes since 1999. And indeed, we have won numerous awards doing it—but the real reason we build homes is because we have a passion to bring into existence that which has never been created before.



Bringing to life our clients’ unique homes, tailored to their specific needs is how we satisfy this passion. Each of our employees, architecture & design partners, and trades have unique skills, creative vision, and are duly recognized in the industry for being the best at what they do. It all translates into the highest quality craftsmanship that really does give our clients “uniquely tailored” homes. We combine this with equally one-of-a-kind personal service and a commitment to work collaboratively with all our clients and partners, as if they were family. We are Hearthstone and we deliver uniquely tailored homes for unique individuals. We invite you to get a better of understanding of how we will partner with you below:


Architecture & Design

The best built homes are invariably collaboration between their architects, builders and owners. The sooner Hearthstone is involved in the process, the greater the chance of delivering exactly the home of your dreams. We work with you and your architect to ensure unique features and ideas are feasible. Partnership as early in the process as possible also ensures the home is designed and built without any surprises, providing the best opportunity to achieve your goals within an agreed time frame and budget. Don’t have an architect? Not to worry, we have partnered with some of the best architects and designers in the business, and we’re happy to provide referrals as needed. Every feature in your home is created by you, in collaboration with your architect and design partners. Hearthstone is there, with you, to review all phases of the design process. As the drawings evolve, we work to ensure building and development permits are submitted as required to ensure your project stays on track.



Next we make sure that our clients understand all phases of the residential construction process. We document and chronicle every step of it and share it with you through a proven project management. We run all our projects with the same rigour and due diligence as commercial developments because building a truly unique luxury home is just as detailed and important as a commercial-grade project. Additionally, we ensure all our subtrades sign contracts so we can hold them accountable for time, scope, schedule and budget. Finally, we tie this into a strict change control process so only the changes you approve are executed. We also know the only way to ensure the best possible results is to be obsessed with the tiniest details that are so often overlooked in our industry.


Customer Care

Last, but most definitely not least, throughout your home design, build and post-construction phases, Hearthstone Construction provides an in-depth customer-care program that we feel is industry leading. At all times you can reach out to me if you have any questions during the process. If you are ready to discover more about our unique way of building one-of-a-kind homes, please contact us!