Hearthstone Construction is a custom home building business.

Owner Darryl Caunt has always had an un-relenting passion to build ‘uniquely tailored homes’ and since 1999 he has been doing just that. Over the years Darryl and his team have built award winning homes, multi-family and commercial developments, but the real passion is to bring into existence that which has never been created before. The way to do that is by building truly unique homes, tailored to the specific needs of each of his clients. Since starting his career as a journeyman carpenter, Darryl cut his teeth as a sub-contractor before building his first house, in 1997, for his own family. Over his career he has won numerous awards for amazing construction of single family homes by showing a deep commitment to his client’s satisfaction and working tirelessly to translate their one-of-a-kind homes into reality.

Working with great designers and trades who have unique skills, creative vision, and are recognized in the industry for being the best at what they do has been the success of Darryl’s business.


Our Philosophy

Remember when “custom” actually meant something? We do. It used to mean making something unique for someone. Something carefully crafted, from scratch, to be one of a kind. Something to accurately reflect uniquely personal, individual tastes. Regrettably, that doesn’t seem to apply in home building any more. Over the last few years, pretty much every builder has become a “custom” home builder. And custom has come to mean making a couple of changes to a standard, off-the-shelf plan.

Hearthstone creates unique, one-of-a-kind homes but, in a world where “custom” no longer adequately describes what we are so passionate about, we’ve been forced to scour the dictionary for an adjective that does. “Bespoke” was close, as was “exclusive”, “singular”, “unequalled” and “uncommon”. However, “uniquely tailored” more closely describes our philosophy; our homes are our level of personal service. And it communicates the truth that we’ve never built the same house (or kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, or even garage) twice. We deliver on this philosophy on any budget.


Our Partnerships

The best built homes are invariably a collaboration between ourselves, the owner, architects and designers, associations and trades. At Hearthstone, we partner only with those who share our passion to build unique homes and only to the highest standards.

architects & designers

Hearthstone has partnerships with many leading architects and designers. We would be happy to refer you to any of them based on your architectural design or style.